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Update 2: I'll be away over the weekend, guys, so I'll respond to all your notes and comments on Monday! :D I'm excited to get started on all this! As it stands, it looks like I've got a LOT of people wanting medic/bookkeeper positions - I'll be giving the bookkeeper position to ProfaneSoup as Isril was mentioned initially, and as far as medics go, I'm happy to have more than one. :nod: I'd love to see some folks interested in the engineering side. The ship itself will be uniquely designed. Please note that if you're adverse to magic (it'll be run on elemental energy and have an intake system/engine that relies on it) then you're not gonna have a good time. The theme sits right between steampunk and fantasy. I'll be doing it as "realistically" as possible, but it will certainly have fantastical elements. We'll also need a beastmaster for two gryphons kept aboard as both transport and defense.

Update: I'm super psyched that there's so many of you that are interested in this! I thought I'd give you all a little bit of clarification in terms of where the RP will primarily be taking place and other things. Firstly, it'll be via Furcadia and RP Repository - those of you who aren't interested in Furcadia can simply play through RPR (though be cautioned that some people don't like to RP through there - it's really down to the individual, I personally do RP on there!). It'll mainly be following the continuity of The Golden Tether, a dream on Furcadia and a group on RP Repository. If you're unfamiliar with either but you're interested in learning about them, please send me a note and I'll be happy to chat to you about them! Note that this RP group will be a combination of anthros and humans with an anthro captain. If this troubles you, you needn't apply. ;)

There won't be any RP happening over deviantART, unfortunately! It's unlikely that I'll make any kind of group here either. I'd really prefer characters to have an RPR profile as it allows you to create connections between your character and others, and I can make an RPR group that the whole crew can be a part of. I'll be designing an airship dream and layout for this whole thing.

Now, as far as roles go, these ones will need filling:

(Navigator/pilot will be the captain's role BUT I'm open to there being an apprentice or co-pilot.)
Planesman (vertical attitude & altitude control)
Engineer x2 (and potentially an apprentice)
Crewmen (loading and unloading - no limit to these as it'll be a big airship and there'll need to be many. NPCs will fill in the gaps.)
Cook/Steward (and apprentice if desired)

I'm also open to other roles and suggestions!

There's a bit of groundwork to be done beforehand so I'll be hopping on that shortly, just wanted expressions of interest to be sure I'm not wasting my time and effort into making a nice RPR group and dream. :meow: Those of you who have already commented with a character or with interest and definitely wanna dip your toe in, pop another comment below (or note me) with a position you'd like to fill so I can put your name down for my own records. In terms of the free art, I'll have to work my way through the list of folks and get some preferences. I'll also be doing a handful of designs off my own back that people can take and use. Lots of things happening all over the place here.


Hey guys!

So I'm making a new character to play and he'll be an airship captain. I'll be playing him primarily in TGT, but potentially wherever else fits in terms of continuity. I'll be designing an airship for him and possibly a small airship dream to play on where needed.

What I'm looking for are crew members who are happy to be intertwined in different plots. I'm not fussed on how they came to work on the ship, they can be whatever type of person you want, they just need to a) actively be a part of the crew and list it on their RPR, b) be available to RP with me sometimes (for fun - this isn't a demand or anything) and c) be loyal to their captain, who in turn will treat them well (bar sarcasm and occasional hotheadedness).

You can use an active character you currently play if you're interested, OR I can design you a character for free. Yes. Free. It'll be in the style of my premades, so not perfectly refined, but usable as character art on RPR profiles and as references. The only stipulation is that you're an active roleplayer and if you no longer want to play the character, you let me know so I can replace them with a new crew member. Obviously you'll need to be somebody I get along with (not really that hard to achieve, to be honest) and ideally you'll want to take the character on and develop it further.

If anybody's interested, just pop a comment below. I just don't want to have to NPC his entire crew because it's no fun that way, and it feels a bit empty. I'd love to have a crew that shares memories of adventures. You'd be starting with a few friends written in which I find is always nice.


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